Save the Marriage: Even If Only You Want It Review

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One of the biggest problems in relationships is a one sided love, wherein only one cares about what is happening between both and the other one does not bother at all. Clearly speaking, it is not a secret crush for someone, but both of you are together and what they say – are in relationship. A perfect example is marriage, the partners are not forced to marry each other. The love birds who happily walk down the aisle, dreaming of a blissful life, may burn out the spark between them with time and responsibilities of family. Losing interest in each other is the most common issues in a married couple. Now, if someone asks: can you save a marriage, even if only you want it? The answer is yes. According to Dr. Lee H. Baucom, we cannot conclude that this is impossible, but let us just say that this is a myth. Dr. Lee H. Baucom is a professional therapist with 20 years of experience. And these 20 years of experience was put into a course which is available for everyone to help couples, save their marriage.

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Save the Marriage: Even If Only You Want It by Dr. Lee H. Baucom is composed of four modules: Save The Marriage Core Program, The ‘Top Five Things NOT To Do When Your Partner Wants Out’ Report, Quick-Start Guide To Saving Your Marriage and the Down-N-Dirty Guide To Saving Your Marriage. If you purchase this guide, it comes with the following bonuses:

  • Coping With A MidLife Marriage Crisis (audio)
  • Recovering From An Affair (audio)
  • 5 Rules For Fair Fighting Report
  • Change Of Heart eBook

The course planned in 159 pages is divided into 17 chapters. In this part, I will briefly discuss what you will find in each chapter:

Chapter One

Chapter one is about Dr. Lee H. Baucom’s explanation why this new found healing course for relationship is better than the old school courses. This part will convince you with the statistics he used for proving this claim. Not only that, Dr. Lee H. Baucom who used to provide therapy with old school relationship courses, found a better way, with this innovative course.

Chapter Two

This chapter talks more about the marriage where the author tries to make the couple understand how to start calling themselves “WE” as a couple instead of the term “YOU” and “I”.

Chapter Three

Here you will learn about the secret of a happy marriage. Dr. Lee H. Baucom discusses the three core secrets of a happy marriage.

Chapter Four

Chapter four tackles about the north star of your relationship, means a guiding factor in your marriage. Every marriage has its north star, which you need to track so that it lead you back to where you started your relationship from. Dr. Lee H. Baucom also instructs you to let you explore and find the north star of your relationship. He warns you against following the false North Star which you should avoid believing it to be.

Chapter Five

Chapter five teaches you the three strategies to have a happy and successful marriage. As soon as you learn these three you can really see that these are the keys to save the marriage you are really happy to have.

Chapter Six

Chapter six shows you that your relationship needs a momentum to sustain and progress. It also needs something exciting and interesting to keep the hearts beating for each other passionately. Here, Dr. Lee H. Baucom shares some experiences of his clients to make his point.

Chapter Seven

Dr. Lee H. Baucom believes that love is closely associated with action and emotion. If you love your spouse then you should not hesitate to express the love you feel. Here you will learn to regain the lost emotions you once had.

Chapter Eight

This one is my favorite chapter since it teaches how to act towards an emotion which is temporary but devastating. For example, anger is only a secondary emotion, meaning a person becomes angry because of something they feel. Specifically, if a person is envious he may become angry towards you. So Dr. Lee H. Baucom teaches you not to act on what the other one shows, you need to respond to the deep feelings he/she have for you.

Chapter Nine

This chapter explains the three different layers of paradigms and how does it affect the marriage. You will be surprised to find out that this is a big contributor to your relationship.

Chapter Ten

This chapter teaches you how to set boundaries not only for your relationship, but also for yourself especially when you experience infidelity.

Chapter Eleven

This chapter is more on the practical aspect of the course. This will give you three exercises that you can do in order to nurture your relationship with your spouse.

Chapter Twelve

This chapter needs a careful and focused reading. This chapter tells you about the phases of intimacy and teaches you how to get closer to each other.

Chapter Thirteen

This chapter is concerned about the moods you may face in a relationship and teaches you how to relate with each other depending on the mood of your partner.

Chapter Fourteen

This chapter teaches you to live in the present moment without dwelling in the past, since it will only hinder what is ahead of you. It also lets you go free of the uncertainties and worries about the future.

Chapter Fifteen

This chapter is all about sex which is an intimate as well as an important aspect of the relationship, but if untamed, it can also be a demon. This chapter teaches you how to have a happy sexual relationship that is beneficial to your marriage and to both of you.

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Chapter Sixteen

This chapter teaches you how to deal with money, one of the core problems in a marriage. This gives you an exercise that will teach you how to deal with the monetary issues, if there are any.

Chapter Seventeen

This chapter is named: “Don’t Just Grow; Evolve!” to explain how to grow together in a relationship called marriage.

So these are what you will find in the course which I believe is very useful and Dr. Baucom’s skills has used his skills and knowledge to create this scientifically explained guide on relationships very well.

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