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Winning your Ex back is nothing less than winning a battle in adverse conditions. Brad Browning with 10 years of experience in counseling on red flags in a relationship has created a program to present it in the form of an eBook called “The Ex Factor Guide”. The guide is step by step procedure to get your Ex back after a fresh breakup. A breakup happens when the chemistry between two persons gets frizzed out. The Ex factor guide helps to recreate that lost chemistry by helping the couples in building back the trust and faith they once had on each other .

The Ex-Factor Guide is meant to be used by members of both the genders in case they are dying to get their Ex back. The program contains extremely interesting content written in simple language with a natural course. The chapter to chapter transitions is flawless, continuing smoothly where the previous one ended. Brad Browning, a certified counselor with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, has crafted the book by taking cues from his own experiences rather than stressing on the general criteria of keeping a distance from the ex to win him/her over as suggested in other books available in bookstores offline and online.

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The guide stresses on the rule that in order to rekindle a relationship, one should focus on improving the relationship and trusting the partner rather than trying to coerce him/her to get back. Any relationship needs attention, love, peace and stability and the steps to build the same are the precise things to be done. The 160-page guide is beautifully organized in different sections and the solutions are provided to work on the root cause of a break-up.

To get past the defensive wall created by your Ex, Bob suggests a psychological approach to break the jinx. The techniques mentioned in the guide are from real life counseling advices and can be used in multiple situations.

The breakups are heartbreaking and the pain is unbearable. The guide provides a great solace to you in the initial period after a breakup when you need such a support the most. After giving you the healing tips, this book also guides you with all the necessary precautions to be taken while initiating a dialogue with your ex.

Pros of “The Ex-factor Guide”

Guidance by certified counselor

Most of the books available on the internet are written by non-professionals unlike “The Ex-Factor guide” which has been crafted methodically by a certified counselor based on his personal experiences with his clients. His vast exposure to practical problems and rich experience has made him understand how to handle the situation in different scenarios and lead to a healthier relationship.

Different approach for men and women

Brad Browning is a graduate in Psychology and truly understands the fact that men and women have different psychology and deal the relationships on a different pitch. So, he has designed two different guides to get your ex back. The chances of success are more following the Brad’s guide as compared to other guides available which are based on applying the same approach to breakup issues of both genders.

Value Addition to package

Brad has kept in mind that reading and applying the tricks is not everyone’s cup of tea. He offers this guide as a book, supplemented with audio and video versions to make it more understandable and applicable in real life. An interesting addition to this value addition package is an eBook “7 steps to sex appeal” free of cost, to make your love life more interesting and satisfying. Wooing your partner was never so easy, thanks to the simple but effective suggestions.

User-friendly approach

The roadmap defined in this program, to handle your break-up and reverting back to an agreeable solution is clear and each step is explained in detail. The eBook is easy to understand with a good deal of real life examples to make you understand various relationship scenarios. All the methods offered in this book, are proven to give positive results in the past. Brad has used his past experience blended with deep research on relationships to provide unique and effective ways to tackle problems that you face in your relationships.

Risk free investment

The best thing about buying this eBook is that it comes with 60-days money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with this eBook.

Cons of “The Ex-Factor Guide”

Why the relationship failed?

The section describing the reasons for the failure of relationship lacks detailed information. The only reason cited here is that the partners fail to find the each other attractive. The eBook otherwise has very organized and intriguing sections.

Available in digital form

The book is not available in paper-version. It is available only in digital form and needs a tablet, laptop or smartphone to read it.

Available online only

The eBook is not available in offline stores and can be purchased only at online portals.

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The Bottom Line

Reuniting with your ex back is not an overnight process and the same is the case with Brad’s “The Ex Factor Guide”. You have to follow the guide religiously if you want to reap any benefits from the guide. Brad has created and offered psychological techniques to get your ex back and in trying these, there is nothing to lose since the guide comes with a money back offer if you fail win back your lost love.

The guide is based on practical cases; Brad had handled in the past. The strategies outlined are different for men and women rather than generalized approach for both the genders. This is the major advantage of this eBook. The readability flow is awesome and the solutions suggested are exemplified and explained with real-life experiences of the author, which further make the things easier to grasp.

The eBook is recommended for those who had recently gone through a painful breakup, but hasn’t given up hope to be back in love with his/her ex. You will only be successful if you have the ability to pick and try the right advice from many available suggestions according to the situation you are facing.

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