The Tao of Badass Review

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Being in a group of friends with a lot of men is a whole lot of fun. However, it also gives you the role of being the decision maker. Why?

“Hey, 3 o’clock. She’s looking at me. Do you think she likes me?”

“What should I wear on our first date?”

“I asked this girl her number and she gave it to me but she was not answering my calls, should I call again tomorrow?”

My ears were getting bombarded by all these questions whenever we hangout or have a cup of coffee. Well, they think that I knew a lot about women because I am a women as well. I thought the same thing at first but as the time goes by I don’t know what to tell them anymore. Not all my suggestions work. I thought that all women have that women instincts wherein we understand the likes and wants of each other but the truth is, we don’t actually always do. Sometimes I gave out suggestions that even made my friend’s dating life worse. So I was browsing online, reading blogs about dating and relationship when I happen to stumble at this book, The Tao of Badass– Everything You Need to Know to Be a Badass with Women. Seeing that it was written by a guy named Joshua, I was a bit confused. How could a man give suggestions to another man about dating and gain a 100,000 plus online users. Believe it or not, 95.7% of these users became successful with women. So this Joshua guy must be really someone and this book must be really something.

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In behalf of my friends, I took time to read the book and I was surprised. As a woman, I don’t have to try it if it works because all I have to do is ask myself: If I was in this situation, would I say yes? And everything was just perfectly right. I can’t believe it!

What makes this book different from all other dating books is that it gives you more than what is basic. Meaning, it does not only teach you how to get the woman in bed but also the major turnoff guys do especially with their body language. This teaches you what to act and not to. Usually, women can notice more of what the guy’s body language is rather than what he is saying- because they put in mind that men are good liars. The Tao of Badass teaches men to be successful in whatever stage they want with women, from dating to seducing.

While I was reading the book I also got into the part wherein Joshua was trying to teach the readers on how to have a long term relationship with the woman which I am very happy of. It is normally what most women want. However, it still depends on you because you might be reading the book because you simply want to be a player. But for those who are trying to look for a perfect partner then this book knows no boundaries.

Actually, I was surprised how Joshua picked up all the secret mind games of women when it comes to dating. This one is really important and every man must read this if they want to be able to understand what women want or not. The key in making a relationship work is perfect communication– which was pretty much explained by this chapter. This does not only tell you what to say or what to do exactly, which is making you a puppet and will turn into a disaster in the long run because you can’t keep it going. On the other hand, this book molds you until the words of it becomes your second nature– which is pretty much easier and realistic.

This book only have no enemy, even rejection is not a problem. Which is pretty common to most men. However, they will never ever admit that. So, if you are too afraid to read this book because you knows that you can’t put it in action then I suggest that you simply try to. Because after you read everything you will surely start working. This book also teaches you how to deal with rejection may it be your past relationship or the future ones you wanted to pursue. Rejection is actually normal, even the most handsome guy gets rejected. In fact, Joshua was interviewed and according to him he was not born with this talent but he accumulated it across time, with all his relationships, failures and experiences. And put it into words for you to catch– in just a few hours or weeks if you are a lazy reader.

Just a quick overview to what is inside the book:

  • How to make women approach and chase after you
  • How to develop a mindset for approaching women
  • How to avoid the worst mistakes that men make while talking with women
  • Understanding what women think about you
  • How to become the man women long for
  • How to display desirable body language

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With this book, you will seldom get wrong but will turn out to be the perfect man a woman wants in the long run because of the: 10 ways in knowing if the woman is interested in you, the ultimate secret on how to get out of the friend zone, how to get rid of being the nice guy and start being the guy wanted by most hot women, hot to connect deeply with a woman that will make her get real with you, how not to turn off woman, how to walk to make you a neck breaking man, the 10 biggest mistakes that you know to avoid women getting cold on you and The one sentence that you can say to men and get them to become your very own personal body guards in a bar instead of having them as to compete with you with women in a bar.


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